Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pray More, Worry Less

   So, I've been on a little hiatus and I needed it. I am feeling like I have nothing to write about. Normally I try to keep this as a journal, maybe even a diary, but when I put my feelings and thoughts out "there" people whom I know in real life are able to read about what's going on inside of me, and that is hard at times. I will start by saying that I didn't ever want this blog to be about my infertility, it sort of just happened because I am struggling with infertility and it's on my mind 45% of everyday.

   I took a blogging break to begin in vitro fertilization. We began as soon as my most recent miscarriage ended. When I first took the hiatus I was planning on writing this blog post about the whole process and post pictures of my injection site, the embryos, all of the medications, and then finally a picture of our little baby or babies first ultrasound picture. God had other plans for us. After two failed cycles of IVF we are here, not pregnant.

   My husband and I have learned a lot about our faith, our love for each other, and that God will take care of us. There has been heartache yes, and I have been weak, but with God's grace I have the strength to continue on this journey. Right now after three and a half years of negative pregnancy tests, and of positive pregnancy tests that ended with angels in Heaven, we need a break.

  During IVF I had to take a break from my weight loss goals and wasn't doing anything in the gym, so now I am focusing on my fitness journey, again. Blake has been incredibly supportive and takes a late lunch to go to the gym with me (mainly because I am terrified of lifting weights alone...for now).
I am enjoying this time of rest and nurturing my body through exercise and lots of prayer.


Monday, December 9, 2013


   I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog. The past two almost three months have been crazy. I promise to catch all of you up during the holidays when I will actually have time to blog. Thank you to my faithful readers who have emailed me to check in. Have a great week!

Psalm 91:1

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here are a few things I am loving this Wednesday. I am basically feel Halloween, and I love it!
Britney's new song, Work Bitch. I love it.
This gif:
My feelings about my infertility journey.
Decorate your Jack-o-Lantern the easy way! With Duck Tape!! via The Shabby Nest
Thanks to my mother-in-law I've been going to weekly acupuncture appointments! I can not express how much I enjoy them.
I know this picture is small, but I love this jacket found here.
What are you loving today?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall TV Favorites

   I am so thankful for Fall television. All summer long I anticipate their return, and yes I can always count on True Blood to tie me over until then. Here are a few of my most favorite shows.

Criminal Minds
Ya'll, for real this is my favorite television show, I can't get enough. Dr. Spencer Reid is amazing, every episode is different and it's one of those shows that you don't have to watch every episode to get it, although, duh, I do.
CSI: Vegas
I am a forever fan of this entire franchise but sadly the OG is the only one still on air. I love it, it's again a show that you don't have to consistently watch to know what's going on or to appreciate the plot line. I miss the old cast, a lot, but am learning to enjoy the new members.
American Horror Story: Coven
I can't even begin to describe to you how excited I am for this premiere tomorrow night. I have the highest of expectations for this season. First, I am obsessed with all things horror, voodoo, creepy, haunted... you get the idea. Second, New Orleans is my favorite place on the planet. Seriously. I think the cast is incredible, I know Ryan Murphy is a genius, surely nothing can be bad about this season. Really, I am super excited!
This is so far my favorite NEW show. I thought that after the first episode there possibly couldn't be anything else to explore as far as the story line goes, but the second episode just got better and better. I am loving it thus far. And yes, Dylan McDermott does often favorite and or like my tweets because I am super in love with him, but that is not the only reason I watch. This is a great show!
The Mindy Project
This show is hilarious, like really laugh out loud funny. Blake and I discovered it late into the season last year but it quickly became our favorite Tuesday night show. I have been a fan of hers since The Office and in this show she truly shines. I believe she is the funniest person on the planet so if you're not watching you should.
Boardwalk Empire
This is my Sunday night favorite. This is an old picture, lots of these characters aren't there anymore. I love the era and I am fascinated every episode. Great watch, and incredible acting!
What are some of your favorite shows? Is there something I need to be watching that I'm not?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Little Things

   Lately I have been giving thanks for the little things that we often take for granted. Have you ever felt that your heart lacked gratitude? Well, I have. I've found myself becoming bitter, often resentful, and I've now reminded myself that not only am I saved by His grace, but I am lucky. When I think that my boss is not treating me fairly I remind myself that I am blessed to have a job and a boss who has feedback for me. When driving behind someone whom I believe is driving poorly, I thank God that I have a car, and am capable of driving. Sometimes it's the tiniest things that need the most thanks.
   With so much chaos and uncertainty in this world I'm certain of one thing, I am blessed, and saved by His great sacrifice. Remember that. We all have much to be thankful for, even in these troubled times.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Obsessions

     October is my favorite month out of the year! I look forward to the cooler weather, the evenings getter darker, my anniversary, and of course the thrill of Halloween. I'm not a pumpkin spice latte type of person, but I do enjoy pumpkins and what they bring. I don't have much to tell you other than here are a few of my October obsessions.

     Loving this song by Miley
Women's Animal-Print Infinity Scarves
I'm pretty much obsessed with this leopard scarf from Old Navy.
Fallen Boho Pants - Vertical
Palazzo pants, I really want to invest in a pair
Scary movies are my most favorite thing, especially in October.
I so need this MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick.
Infused water. It's amazing, and so easy.
What are your October obsessions?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We Want to Know Wednesdays

1. If you could be any animal what would you be? A Maltese dog. I firmly believe that if they have great owners they in turn have wonderful lives. (at least I know mine do).
2. What is your favorite color and why? Turquoise. It was the main color for my sorority (ZTA), and it was also my grandmothers favorite color. I can't get enough turquoise stuff, ask my husband.
3. If you could only have one meal for a month what would you chose? I would choose my Quorn faux chicken, broccoli, and shells n' cheese.
4. What is your dream car? A white Cadillac SRX
5. If you could do anything right now, what would you do? I would honestly go back to bed and then spend the day cuddling with my frups and watching the shows saved on my DVR!