Monday, September 15, 2014

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 Weeks 5 days
  • Baby Size: Hogan is measuring two weeks ahead and weighing in at 7lbs and 5 oz!
  • Weight gain: 16 pounds
  • Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing whatever is comfortable at this point. Mainly maxi dresses and pj's when I am at home.
  • Stretch Marks: No, I'm still using Mama Bee Tummy butter and oil every day.
  • Sleep: I am still sleeping well, some nights its harder than others to fall asleep, but I can't complain. Although, laying down isn't as comfortable as it used to be, and rolling out of bed is pretty hysterical.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: She has been bouncing around, and I am happy to report she is head-down! I seriously stare at my belly and cry thinking about not feeling her in my tummy once she is born.
  • Best moment this week: Our latest doctor appointment. It's all becoming real. She will be here in a few short weeks. My daughter, my miracle, the one dream I have had since I was a little girl is finally coming true. My hormones and emotions are all over the place, I can't believe I am having a child! Thank you, Jesus!
  • Looking forward to: Meeting my daughter, Hogan. I am also ready to have her room 100% complete, I just need to put things away.
  • Food Cravings: I still only want to drink bottled water, and my snack of choice is currently miniature snickers.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: I am having a lot of pressure and sometimes it feels like Hogan is tightly grasping my bladder and squeezing it, which is uncomfortable. At our doctors appointment the doctor checked my cervix and that didn't feel to great, but everything looks good and that is all that matters.
  • Labor Signs: None.
Here's Hogan flashing the peace sign at 36 weeks!

Friday, September 5, 2014

35 Weeks

How far along? 35 Weeks 2 days
  • Baby Size: Hogan is about the size of a large cantaloupe (19-22 in, 5.5 lbs)
  • Weight gain: 12 pounds (weight went back down 3 lbs, probably because I've been sick)
  • Maternity Clothes: I've been wearing skirts, and dresses mostly. I also love maternity p.j's, and spent my labor day weekend and holiday in them. Battling strep while pregnant is rough.
  • Stretch Marks: No, I'm still using Mama Bee Tummy butter and oil every day.
  • Sleep: I started struggling with strep on Saturday night, and sleep was very difficult to maintain. I kept waking up with my throat on fire, no position felt comfortable, and my nose was all stopped up. On Monday night I had my first taste of just not being able to get comfortable, it was terrible.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: This is still my favorite part about pregnancy. I could stare at my tummy for hours, even all day if it were possible. She just rolls, punches, and kicks whenever she pleases. The other day I watched a foot scroll across my tummy. She has also been getting familiar with my ribs as of lately, and that can get pretty uncomfortable.
  • Best moment this week: Spending time with Blake, we went to Babies R' Us and picked out a few things for Hogan, and it's starting to sink in that it's not going to be the two of us. I still can't believe my dreams are coming true, we are going to be parents! I already love this little miracle so much, I could cry.
  • Looking forward to: Getting over strep and hopefully seeing baby girl at my next OB appointment.
  • Food Cravings: Blue Gatorade and bottled water.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: My students made me sick! Ha, but seriously, one of them gave me strep. Boo.
  • Labor Signs: None.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

34 Weeks


 How far along? 34 Weeks 1 day
  • Baby Size: Hogan is about the size of a cabbage. 5 lbs (estimate) 19-22 inches (estimate)
  • Weight gain: 15 pounds
  • Maternity Clothes: I've worn maternity jeans all week, thanks to my principal, but I think I prefer the maxi dresses, and skirts.
  • Stretch Marks: No, I'm still using Mama Bee Tummy butter and oil every day.
  • Sleep: It's still somewhat difficult to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, but once I do, I am sleeping well. Some nights I get up to use the restroom more than others, but I don't mind.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: Lots of movement, little girl is now kicking my ribs, and sometimes when I tickle my belly or poke her she will poke me back. It's such an amazing feeling. I love her so much!
  • Best moment this week: Surviving back to school! It's been a lot better than I thought it would be, and the days do go by quickly which is nice.
  • Looking forward to: Packing my hospital bag, and her diaper bag. I've decided on her going home gown, I can't wait to get it from Blake's mom!
  • Food Cravings: Our PTO catered lunch one day and had these incredible looking chocolate and caramel brownies for desert. I've been craving those and bottled water!
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: I've been feeling pretty good. I did have swollen ankles after work yesterday, they look so weird, it's crazy. My back pain has gotten better, but I am still soaking in the tub each night, which feels amazing.
  • Labor Signs: None.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

33 Weeks

          How far along? 33 Weeks
  • Baby Size: Hogan is about the size of a head of cauliflower, weighs 4.5 lbs and is 19 inches long!
  • Weight gain: 12 pounds
  • Maternity Clothes: Yes, and now that school is starting back up I can no longer lounge in my pj's, so I am sure I will be wearing tons of maxi dresses.
  • Stretch Marks: No, I'm still using Mama Bee Tummy butter and oil every day.
  • Sleep: Well, it's been a long time coming, falling asleep is now a huge challenge. My back aches every night and I flip from one side to the other. Once I do fall asleep it's glorious and I wake up and my back feels fine.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: Little Hogan enjoys kicking, punching, and poking out of my tummy. I love watching my tummy when she's moving and groovin' in there. Again, I am so going to miss her kicks once she is born.
  • Best moment this week: I was in the bathtub and realized that in less than seven weeks I am going to meet my daughter. I cried. Becoming a mom has been my lifelong dream, I've truly waited my whole entire life to meet this sweet blessing. Just thinking about our journey and what lies ahead makes me cry. I am just so grateful for God's gift. (I'm crying as I type this)
  • Looking forward to: Welcoming all of my students back and getting the school year started! I also can't wait to see our little girl again, I think we have our final scan in three weeks. I hope she's head-down. 
  • Food Cravings: I've been craving egg tacos again, but only for breakfast.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of standing for eight hours makes me queasy, but I know I will sit as much as possible while I am teaching.
  • Labor Signs: None.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 Weeks 4 days
  • Baby Size: Hogan is about 19 inches and 3.9 lbs (according to my app)
  • Weight gain: 12 pounds
  • Maternity Clothes: These days you can find me in dresses, they are the most comfortable things in the world. In-service begins this week so I am sure I will be wearing my motherhood maternity yoga pants each day.
  • Stretch Marks: No, I'm still using Mama Bee Tummy butter and oil every day.
  • Sleep: I'm getting plenty of sleep, the only interruptions are bathroom trips in the middle of the night. Some nights after a trip to the potty, I find it harder to fall back asleep.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: I love her kicks and jabs! Sometimes my tummy looks lopsided because she has positioned herself to stick out, I just can't get enough.
  • Best moment this week: I had my shower on Saturday! It was lovely, I was overwhelmed with joy at the fact that I was actually having a shower. There were times that I never thought I would have one of my own. It was a beautiful event thrown by my Godmother, Mama Turbo, and the whole day was perfect. I was able to wear my grandmother's orange blossoms, that alone meant so much to me. My sister, Elizabeth, even took some maternity shots of me.
  • Looking forward to: I am looking forward to going back to work only because it will help pass the time until our little one comes. I also can't wait to see all of my students and coworkers.
  • Food Cravings: I craved ice cream snickers this week and Blake being the super husband he is, was right there to fill the craving.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: Standing or sitting for too long makes my backache, but I am still soaking in the tub every night.
  • Labor Signs: None.
    My sweet Mom and Me
    Mama Turbo and Me

Thursday, August 7, 2014

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 Weeks
  • Baby Size: Hogan is the size of a head of lettuce, about 18 inches and 3.2 lbs
  • Weight gain: 12 pounds
  • Maternity Clothes: I've decided that I no longer want to wear pants. I seriously only care about living in my nightgowns and maxi dresses. Clearly from this picture I am in desperate need of a bra that will lift up my huge boobs! I'm thinking a trip to Motherhood Maternity is in my near future.
  • Stretch Marks: No, I'm still using Mama Bee Tummy butter every day.
  • Sleep: I love napping, and I love sleeping. I'd like them better if they weren't interrupted by my bladder, but I'm happy to even be blessed with this pregnancy.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: Yes, and I try to catch her on video all of the time! I have two videos that are okay, but most of the time she stops when I press record and then continues right after I end the recording. I'm going to miss her kicks when she's born.
  • Best moment this week: This has been another great week of lounging around. I spent a few days at the pool which is amazing on my back, I wish I could finish out these last few weeks in the water. I feel like I totally understand why women give birth in the water, and if I had that choice I think I would!
  • Looking forward to: My baby shower this Saturday! There were days that my infertility made me believe I would never get the chance to have a baby shower, and now it's my turn, it's still so surreal. I am so blessed.
  • Food Cravings: Not really any cravings this week besides bottled water.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: The only pain I've been feeling is back pain. I soak in Epsom salt every single night which does help. But no more morning sickness to report.
  • Labor Signs: None.
  • Workouts: Walking from the bed to the bathroom, and occasionally the kitchen. Bam! That's my workout. I huff and puff all of the time and everyday tasks are getting harder and harder to accomplish. I don't  know how I am going to go back to my classroom! I seriously think about it all of the time, I just can't fathom being on my feet for 8 hours!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 Weeks
  • Baby Size: She's as big as a cantaloupe this week!
  • Weight gain: 11 pounds
  • Maternity Clothes: Yes, and I just got a few Pink Blush Maternity dresses that I love, they are super comfortable and cute!
  • Stretch Marks: No, I'm still using Mama Bee Tummy butter every day.
  • Sleep: There were a few nights this week that I wasn't able to fall asleep as quickly as normal, but other than that I haven't had much trouble. I still get up maybe twice per night to use the restroom.
  • Gender: Girl
  • Movement: Oh, yes! Kicks and punches all of the time. Our little lady enjoys cold temperature foods and beverages.
  • Best moment this week: Her armoire came in and it's simply gorgeous! Another great moment was finding out that I passed my glucose test. Hip-hip-hooray!
  • Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery. We finally started hanging the shelves and pictures, Blake is very into decorating, and I will admit, he's really good, too!
  • Food Cravings: We drove passed a Jamba Juice, and we HAD to stop because I really needed one. I also still love milkshakes, and grilled cheeses.
  • Anything making you queasy or sick: YES! I am hoping my morning sickness just came back as a one time thing, but after I ate my prunes this morning I got sick.
  • Labor Signs: No, but I've had this terrible back pain all week. I did go with my mom this week and got a prenatal massage which helped but the pain just comes right back.
  • Workouts: Walking is my main workout, sitting and standing for any length of time is becoming more difficult. My favorite position is laying down.
Hogan's beautiful armoire